Brazil Capadocia Natural Coffee beans



This Brazil Capadocia is a natural coffee originating from the Capadocia farm, in the mountainous Mantiqueira region of Augusto Borges Ferreira, the fourth generation of the Borges and Ferreira families, graduate in Business Administration and member of the APAS coffee cooperative. His farm, Fortaleza, is located in the mountains of Mantiqueira de Minas in southern Minas Gerais, with altitudes between 1090 m and 1280 m and average rainfall between 1250 mm and 1400 mm/year.

Take a look at this farm via instagram : capadocia_coffees

  • Origin: Mantiqueira, Brazil
  • Altitude: 1000-1350 m
  • Flavour: Brazil nuts, caramel, milk chocolate
  • Bean: 100% arabica, variëty Catuai Amarelo, Catuai Vermelho, Natural/Sun dried,
  • Quality: SCA Cupping Score 84/100