Chasen - Bamboo Matcha Whisk


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This matcha whisk (chasen) is handmade from a single piece of bamboo

This bamboo whisk (chasen, 茶筅) is used in Matcha tea ceremonies to whisk Matcha, the famous, powdered green tea.

This chasen was made in Japan from a single piece of bamboo. The wood has been spliced into 80 'teeth' to allow you to whisk your matcha to a smooth state.

The more bristles on your whisk, the finer your matcha foam. Evermore's chasen matcha whisk has 80 bristles and is guaranteed to be made in Japan (it has a registered number).

Have a look at the matcha bowl (chawan) and matcha measuring spoon (chashaku)! It's also possible to buy a complete set.

Dimensions 6 × 11 cm

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