Colombia El Desvelado #2 Coffee Beans


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Colombia El Desvelado #2 is a high-end micro blend coffee produced by small farmers from the municipality of Ancuyá in Nariño, Colombia. The producers are members of the award-winning Café Occidente Coop that offers them year-round support. The Café Occidente Coop cooperative was started in 1977 and since then, Café Occidente farmers have won the Cup of Excellence several times.

Colombia is the second largest in the world ranking of coffee production after Vietnam (which produces mainly Robusta beans). In the high-altitude region of Nariño, mainly smallholder farmers grow coffee in microlots on steep slopes. Unlike other Colombian regions, Nariño can be extremely dry during the harvest season. The dryness combined with the altitude gives coffee from Nariño a unique flavor compared to other coffees from Colombia.

  • Flavor: blackberries, apricot, vanilla, overripe mango, full bodied
  • Bean: washed arabica, Castillo, Colombia
  • Cupping score: 86/100
  • Origin: Ancuyá, Nariño, Colombia, at least 1900 masl.
  • Freshly roasted every week in our micro roastery in Rotterdam-West


The producers who contributed to this lot are listed below:

Maria Emerita Checa Solarte
Yeny Rocio Melo Betancourth
Jose Fidencio Luna Luna
Carmen Rubiela Canchala Solarte
Mauro Jesus Cundar Checa
Manuel Salvador Lopez Chamorro
Rudy Ernesto Narvaez Romo
Ernesto Adolfo Narvaez Betancourt
Lilia Colombia Rodriguez Delgado
Franco Efren Egas Egas