DECAF: Peru Coffee beans BIO



Finally a single origin decaf coffee that tastes really good!

This organic decaffeinated coffee from Peru has been decaffeinated using the “Swiss method”. By using water, no chemicals are needed to extract the caffeine. This is a more expensive process, but well worth it when it comes to the taste of the coffee. This coffee retains its special flavour notes even after the processing. Because no chemicals were used in stripping it of caffeine, this coffee may also be sold as organic. You can read exactly how the process works here.

Coffee was introduced to Peru in the 18th century. Today, around 280,000 ha. of coffee grown by some 100,000 Fincas (estates). Peruvian coffees are usually suitable for blends as they are mildly pleasant and sweet in flavour.

Flavour: Light, nutty almond and roasted hazelnuts with a twist of spice.

Quality: 100% washed arabica, decaffeinated.

Certification: Organic