Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Danche #2 Natural Coffee beans


This coffee comes from Yirgacheffe of the 400 coffee farmers with the washing station in Worka Chelbesa village in Gedeb, in south-west Ethiopia. Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. This sun-dried coffee is made from the variety Arabica Wolisho, Dega and has a very good cupping score of 87.5. This Yirgacheffe is actually called Burtukaana Dante#2. Burtakaana means orange in one of the languages spoken in that region of Ethiopia (the Oromiffa language) It is an exceptionally beautiful typical natural with floral and citrusy flavours.

Flavour: Sweet. Stone fruit (think apricot or peach) Tropical fruit ( think Mango lemonade). Overall winey.

Bean: sun-dried, unwashed Arabica

Origin: Yirgacheffe, Gedeb, Ethiopia



Cupping Score