Ethiopië Duromina Limu Fully Washed Coffee Beans BIO


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The Duromina cooperative was founded in 2010 by a group of 113 coffee producers who farmed in an isolated region near the town of Agaro in Jimma. The founders of the Duromina cooperative joined forces to change their lives and their future by producing higher quality washed coffee that would attract attention and command high prices. Their high ambitions are echoed in their choice to name their cooperative Duromina, which means "make us rich" or "improve our lives" in Afan Oromo.

Duromina is part of the Kata Muduga Cooperative Union. Kata Muduga is an umbrella organization that supports coffee-producing cooperatives in Ethiopia. As one of the most farmer-oriented unions, Kata Muduga ensures that the amounts farmers receive for their beans are consistently among the highest in the country.

This coffee has a Grade 1 quality. The difference between Grade 1 and 2 is determined by the number of defects found during the production process. If a coffee receives a Grade 1 certification, it means that it has 0 to 3 defects; that is very exceptional! Grade 2 coffees have between 4 and 12 defects, which is also a top rating.


black tea, floral, sweet lemon in the aftertaste

Bean type

100% washed arabica, local varieties


Duromina Cooperative, Jimma (Limu) region, Ethiopia. 1800 – 2100 masl.

Cupping Score