Ethiopia Guji Anasora Kelloo #2 Washed Coffee Beans


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Anasora is a new washing station (processing facility for freshly picked beans) for beans grown at great heights in Guji. Until quite recently, the Guji region only produced naturals (unwashed coffee varieties). Anasora washing station opened in 2018 and ever since, washed coffee varieties with remarkably high cupping scores have come from Guji.

Anasora coffee has a unique character. Guji berries ripe slowly and have a specific look. The flavor profile can be described as slightly zesty with great complexity.

This is Grade 2 quality coffee. Grade 2 means that it is a washed coffee. The difference between Grade 1 and Grade is defined by the amount of defects found during the production process. A Grade 1 certified coffee has between 0 and 3 defects; a true outlier! Grade 2 coffees have between 4 en 12 defect, an absolutely exquisite score. Washed coffees have a more consistent quality compared to unwashed coffees.


Coffee roaster Ian visited Anasora Kelloo in January of 2019.


Papaya, pineapple, fresh, notes of wine

Bean type

100% washed arabica, local varieties


Guji, Ethiopia (elevation of at least 2350 meters)

Cupping Score