Georgia Ramon 75% Shadow Milk milk chocolate BIO 50g


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It doesn't get much darker. Made without sugar, this 75% milk chocolate overshadows everything. Creamy and powerful, Yin and Yang in one bar.

Those who think Georgia Ramon's milk chocolate ends at 55% are wrong. Fruity cocoa from the Dominican Republic (Öko Caribe) makes up 75% of this bar. Milk powder makes up the remaining 25%.

Ingredients: cocoa beans, whole milkpowder (25%), cocoa butter

Flavor: creamy and sweet yet powerful and full-bodied

Weight: 50 grams


About Georgia Ramon

Georg Bernardini is a trained pastry chef, but since the 1990's, he has become one of the best chocolate makers in the world. He is one of Germany's most famous chocolate cognoscenti as he wrote The Chocolate Reference Standard in 2015, a tome that described all then-available chocolate bars in Germany. While tasting and writing, inspiration struck him: he launched the Georgia Ramon single origin chocolate brand with his partner Ramona.


Cocoa mass, whole milk powder (25%), cocoa butter.

Store in a dark and dry place.
Gluten-free. May contain traces of nuts.

Produced in

Bonn, Germany