Heinde & Verre 71% Bold Brazil Chocolate


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Bold Brazil is a chocolate bar made from single origin cocoa beans from the Brazilian region Pará in the Brazilian Amazon.

Chocolate from Rotterdam by Heinde & Verre

Heinde & Verre makes grand cru chocolates in Rotterdam-Noord using custom machines. Evermore sells, apart from this bar, a single origin 71% bar made from the white Porcelana cocoa bean and a single origin 71% bar: 'Noble Bali'. Every bar 'ripens' for at least three months.

Heinde & Verre creates the entire bar, starting with the bean. They also import the beans themselves, like those used in the 'Noble Bali' bar. There are only a few bean to bar chocolate makers in The Netherlands. bean to bar chocolade.

Flavor: red fruits, liquorice, earthy finish


Cocoa (beans and butter) 71%, sugar, sunflower lecithin.

Store in a cool, dark and dry place.

Bean origin:

Bali, Indonesia

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