Heinde & Verre 71% Piura Peru 70g


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This rare Piura Blanco cacao was voted best Peruvian cacao in 2016. The Typical brilliant and light colour of the bean preludes its complex lingering and fruity flavour. Native to Peru, the beans grow in the high Piura Valley region.

Flavor: Young red fruit, passion fruit, soft nuttiness, long and elegant after taste with a hint of coffee and citrus.

Chocolate from Rotterdam by Heinde & Verre

In Rotterdam-Noord, Heinde & Verre makes grand cru chocolates using custom machines. Each chocolate bar "ripens" for at least three months. Part of each batch is stored in the "chocolate library". Chocolate is a fermentation product and thus continues to ripen, just like cheese.

Heinde & Verre creates the entire bar, starting with the bean. They also import the beans themselves, like those used in the 'Noble Bali' bar. There are only a few bean to bar chocolate makers in The Netherlands.

Weight: 2 x 35 gram


Cocoa (beans and butter) 71%, Dutch beet sugar, sunflower lecithin.

Store in a cool, dark and dry place.

Bean origin:

Piura Valley, Peru

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