Kacau 74% with Brazil Nuts, Pineapple and Chili 70g


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Bits of Brazil nut, pineapple and chili give Kacau's Ecuadorian dark chocolate an unforgettable flavor. Sweet, nutty, spicy: wow!

  • Ingredients: Cocoa mass, cane sugar, dried pineapple (12,24%), Brazilnuts (12,24%), chili flakes (0,41%)
  • Weight: 70 grams


About Kacau

Kacau creates bean-to-bar chocolate in Ecuador. They use the arriba cocoa bean, one of the most famous - and delicious - cocoa beans in Ecuador. Juan Espinosa and Julio Avendaño created organoleptic flavor experiences, tickling your senses: eye, mouth, nose!

All Kacau bars contain exactly 74% arriba cocoa combined with a rich mixture of spices, fruits and nuts. The cocoa hails from the cooperation Fortaleza del Valle (Manabi, Ecuador).