Kuná Esmeraldas Rio Verde 100% BIO 60g


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Single origin chocolate from the Esmeraldas region in Ecuador. 60 grams.

Ingredients: Cocoa* (100%). (*) Organic origin. EC-BIO-141.

  • Made bean-to-bar in Ecuador.
  • Every bar comes with information about its production. This way, you'll know who made your chocolate.
  • The packaging is made from sugar cane waste products.
Kuná Cacaobonen | Evermore
The green cocoa bean is not quite ripe yet. 6 months later, the ripe cocoa bean has a dark orange color.

About Kuná

As if out of nowhere, Kuná won the grand prize at the 2012 El Salon del Cacao y Chocolate Ecuatoriano in Guayaquil (Ecuador). The company was awarded the predicate 'best chocolate in Ecuador'. It's not just the unique taste, but also the production process that foregrounds social involvement and organic standards, that make this chocolate a winner.

Founder Luis Manuel Leon visited Evermore in 2020 to present a variety of chocolate from his country. He also brought cocoa beans and introduced us to the differences in origin and production within Ecuador, a country with a variety of climates. This variety is apparent in the chocolate's flavor.

The beans we were introduced to (see image) were (1) an unripe bean (the green bean) that within 6 months would grow into (2) an orange 'pod'. Such a pod is made into about 2,5 chocolate bars, dependant on the percentage of cocoa. That means these beans are highly valued and often even stolen!