DECAF: Mexico Coffee Beans BIO


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Finally! A single origin decaf coffee that tastes divine!

This organic, caffeine-free coffee from Mexico has been made so according to the "Swiss Water Process". By using water, there is no need for chemicals to extract the caffeine. This process is more pricy, but it's worth it to preserve the coffee's aromas. This coffee keeps its unique flavor profile after processing. Because no chemicals have been used in the caffeine extraction process, this coffee can be sold as an organic product. Curious about the process? Read more.

Swiss Water offers an alternative for decaffeinated coffee drinkers concerned about the processes methyl chloride (MC) and ethyl acetate (EA). Because the water processing does not use added chemicals, the coffees can retain their organic certification and coffee drinkers can be assured by the absence of additional chemicals.

Flavor: Light, nutty almonds and roasted hazelnuts with a spiced twist.

Grade: 100% washed arabica, caffeine-free.

Certification: Organic