Myanmar Hopong Ho Hwayt Village Lot Natural Coffee Beans


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Speciality coffees have only recently been grown in Myanmar, but with impressive speed and results. In just one year, the Hopong cooperative has mobilized coffee farmers from two villages who have jointly processed their first-ever batch of sun-dried natural coffee.

From opium to coffee

In 2017, the Hopong cooperative started. Farmers from the village of Long Hay were tired of secretly producing opium for drug lords as compensation for the poorly paid coffee they sold to brokers and middlemen. They started looking for a new way of life. Through social media, they heard that other farms were getting help from an NGO on how to make high quality natural coffees. They took a big leap of faith and fully embraced the production techniques of specialty coffee.

In a short time word spread to neighboring communities, of which we were able to get a lot from the village of Ho Hwayt. This coffee has only changed hands (= traded) 3 times: affiliated farmers of the Hopong cooperative process their beans themselves and sell them directly to our importer, This Side Up.

  • Flavor: sweetness of banana, tamarind, raisins, firm taste
  • Origin: Ho Hwayt, Myanmar
  • Height: 1100-1600 meters above sea level
  • Bean: 100% arabica, Arabica S – 795, Catimor, Caturra, Catuaí, Bourbon cultivars. Natural (sun-dried).
  • Grade: SCA Cupping Score 86.75/100.