Naive 67% Citrus Licorice Crunch 57g


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Dark chocolate with orange and liquorice

The dark roots of liquorice suck their flavour from the deep oceans of the cosmos. The complex and extraordinary liquorice flavours develop slowly by connecting with tiny lemon particles. And when the time comes, these particles are transferred into a dark chocolate bar. The symbiosis of liquorice, lemon and chocolate is so special that it simply cannot be tasted indifferently – join the adventure!

Equator CollectionEquator Collection

Naive Orange Liquorice BIO is part of Naive’s Equator Collection. Chocolatier Domantas Uzpalis says: “For me, the concept of the Equator Collection consists of using ingredients that come from one ecosystem. Omdat het water, de aarde, de mineralen van een ecosysteem planten doet leven. And inherently, living things that grow together also taste better together.
Every bar in this collection is made entirely with ingredients from around the equator that surrounds our earth.”

The cocoa beans Naive uses come from El Ceibo in Bolivia.

Ingredients: cocoa* (63%), sugar*, cocoa butter*, liquorice* (10%), lemon* (5%), sea salt (1%)
* = wild or produced according to organic standards

Weight: 57 grams