Original Beans Piura Porcelana 75% Peru BIO 70g


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Original Beans – Piura Porcelana – Andean Foothills, North Peru, 75% Cocoa, 72 Hour Conch.

  • Ingredients: cocoa beans (direct trade), cocoa butter, raw cane sugar
  • Flavor profile: light tones of lime, raspberry and roasted pecans
  • Origin: northern Peru, Andes Mountains
  • Weight: 70 grams

Why Original Beans?

Original Beans does not only aim to produce premium quality chocolate, but also wants such chocolate to be sustainably and honestly produced. This involves attention to education projects for farmers, as well as the conservation of rare cocoa varieties. To lessen their ecological footprint, the company commits to measures like producing packaging made from 100% recycled material and fully compostable wrappers. For every bar sold, Original Beans plants a tree. More than three million trees have been planted to date!