Papua New Guinea Bomai Coffee Beans


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Papua New Guinea Bomai is a surprising coffee from various smallholders in the Bomai region.

The province of Chimbu, which includes the Bomai area, is located between the Western and Eastern Highlands. Unlike the surrounding areas, Chimbu has no plains or valleys. The province consists of a steep and unbroken mountain range that makes coffee cultivation extremely difficult. The coffees from this area do not have a good reputation because they are usually blended with other coffees.

Harvesting & Processing

This Bomai coffee breaks with this tradition and provides more transparency by not blending the coffee. Paul Sirigine started the Bomai project in 2013 by setting up a dry mill in Goroka, where only coffees from smallholder farmers in the Bomai region are processe. In 2015, they received an export license and were able to bring Bomai coffee directly to the international coffee market. This allowed them to further diversify programs and trainings to support the small farmers in the area.

  • Bean: AX washed Arabica beans, Tipica, Bourbon, Arusha, Blue Mountain varietals
  • Flavor: Spices, walnuts and then: sweet caramel and a fresh finish of red fruits. Full-bodied, mellow acidity.
  • Origin: Bomai Region, Chuave District, Eastern Province, Papua New Guinea
  • Height: 1600 to 1850 masl