Tamaryokucha Midori Sonogi 50g


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The area around Sonogi (Nagasaki prefecture, Japan) is renowned for its tamaryokucha. Tamaryokucha ("ball-green-tea") is a sencha with curled, sometimes balled up, leaves instead of needle-shaped leaves. This is the result of a special way of rolling during the drying process. Sonogi tea farmers often experiment with new tea varieties, both with new cultivars (tea plant varieties) and with black or oolong tea.

This Midori Tamaryokucha is part of the Sonogi Six Senses collection and was produced by Kazuhiko Onoue. As a third-generation tea producer, he created this tea variety on a piece of land measuring a mere 8 hectares. He tells of his familiy plantation, Onoue Chaen:

"We believe in the importance of tillage with traditional organic and fermented fertilizer. As we carefully work each tea field, we change the way of steaming and processing the leaves according to the harvest year's specific circumstances. Because green tea is now booming abroad, we want to focus on renewing appreciation for the genuine taste of green tea from a pot in Japan, one that requires time like the time one takes to brew coffee or black tea."

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Kazuhiko Onoue, maker of Midori Tamaryokucha and co-founder of Sonogi.

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