Thee, de nuchtere neef van wijn – Mariëlla Erkens


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"A handbook and a cookbook, starring tea"

Tea for dinner, why would you? Well, perhaps because it has a lot in common with wine, except for the alcohol. Tea can be just as complex and adept at complementing flavors as wine. Try that with juice or water!

This book is not only chock-full of information, tips and delicious recipes with complementary tea advice, it also demonstrates how to pick tea for cheese or chocolate, how to make tea cocktails and mocktails and how to cook with tea. A handbook and a cookbook, starring tea.

It might seem hard to combine tea and food, but this book will make it smooth sailing.

Mariëlla Erkens is a tea sommelier. A former chef, she has known for years how to combine flavors. In this book, she explains how to complement dishes with specific teas. This tome is a must for every tea lover and gourmand.

Contains more than 70 recipes and complementary tea suggestions.

For this book, Mariëlla used an Evermore Tamaryokucha .

Pages: 272
Dimensions: 18 x 24,8 x 2,2 cm
This book was printed carbon neutrally by Drukkerij Tuijtel.

Words: Mariëlla Erkens
Photography: Harold Pereira
Styling: Nicole de Werk
Foodstyling: Mariëlla Erkens and Karin Luiten
Design: Natasha Tastachova