Tin of Jasmine Pearls BIO 10g


Premium organic green tea pearls scented with jasmine blossom

This little Evermore-branded tin is filled with 10 grams of jasmine pearls from China or about 90 cups of tea (should you brew the tea three times, a common practice in China). A handy pocket-sized treat for yourself or a lovely gift!

The balls of rolled tea leaves carry a jasmine scent from exposure to fresh jasmine blossoms. In China, this tea is considered to be of premium quality because the actual flowers are not present. The balls unfurl in the cup when hot water is added.

  • Flavor: Gently sweet jasmine flavor with a slightly peppery orchid finish
  • Certification: organic
  • Origin: Fujian, China
  • Weight: 10 grams
  • Flush: 'second flush'
  • Extra: Multiple infusions possible with slightly hotter water each time

brewing time: 2 mins. - water temperature: 80ºC-90ºC - 3 pearls per cup
Jasmijn parels kop

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