Chasen ~ Bamboo Matcha whisk


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Chasen Matcha beater is handmade from a single piece of bamboo

This bamboo whisk (chasen, 茶筅) is used in the Japanese tea ceremony for whipping Japanese Matcha, the well-known green powdered tea used during the tea ceremony.

This Chasen Matcha whisk was made in Japan from a single piece of bamboo. The wood is split into no less than 80 ‘teeth’ to allow the Matcha to be beaten evenly.

The more teeth the whisk has, the finer the foam on the matcha will be. Evermore’s Chasen Matcha whisk has 80 teeth and is guaranteed to be made in Japan (with a registered number).

See also the Matcha bowl (Chawan) and Matcha measuring spoon (Chashaku). It is also possible to buy the entire set.


Dimensions 6 × 11 cm

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