In 2008, Eline Sandberg and son Lowik Pieters started selling loose tea under their own brand name ‘Evermore’, with a self-designed logo of a black raven. The name was not chosen by coincidence: when they thought of tea, they both thought of England and Eline in particular of her English teacher who always recited from Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven (1845). The raven in the poem says ‘Nevermore’ and that bastardised into ‘Evermore’. Also because, according to them, you can always drink more of tea, unlike coffee πŸ˜‰ . They registered at the Chamber of Commerce when Lowik was 13, which led to some surprise at the registration desk.

Coffee roaster Ian | Evermore

Coffee roaster Ian in June 2011, when our roaster was still in the house!

Father Ian Pieters also wanted to do something in the business and started coffee roasting with son Aito a year later. Usually in a shed in the backyard, sometimes at markets or from the kitchen (see photo).

When the house was bulging with coffee and tea, they could roast it at STROOP on Mathenesserweg in Delfshaven. When this too became too tight, it found its own location on Coolhaven. Together with KookstudioMix, they converted two old garages into a coffee roastery, cooking studio, tea bakery, a coffee bar and tea shop and a shop.

Our tea

De Familie Evermore in Sri Lanka in 2013

Visiting tea factories in Sri Lanka, 2013

All Evermore teas are carefully selected, packaged and shipped by our family. Evermore only chooses loose tea because we think bunny bags are unnecessary environmental pollution and because we think you should be able to see tea to recognize the quality
. Tea must swim! We choose quality at a fair price. Almost all teas have organic certification or are produced to organic standards.

Evermore seeks contact with local producers whenever possible. They are at the heart of the products and are an endless source of inspiration. In April 2014, for example, tea master Eline was on a working visit to the Otsuka family in Japan, among others.


Tea master Eline in Japan, 2014

Our coffee

Evermore Ian in Rwanda - order coffee online

Met Joy Tushabe van Rwanda Ishema Vrouwen, 2015

All our coffees are roasted in-house weekly, packed and shipped. Evermore selects only single origin coffee beans from one cooperative or even one coffee garden. We do not make blends because we want to keep the unique taste of each coffee. As with wines from one chΓ’teau. We choose quality at a fair price. Almost every coffee has a certification, organic, or fair trade or Rain Forest Alliance. Evermore seeks contact with farmers wherever possible. For example, in 2015, coffee roaster Ian visited Joy Tushabe of the Ishema Women’s Wetmill in Rwanda. Watch the interview with her.

Tasting notes Legenda | Evermore

So you can read the flavour descriptions in the image accompanying each coffee on our website.

Ordering coffee beans online? Every Wednesday, the coffee roaster roasts the fresh coffee beans and the coffee is delivered by Evermore bicycle before the weekend! Or we send it by PostNL and it gets there almost as fast. To make choosing a tea or coffee a little easier, we have added a colourful picture with a flavour description on our website. Everyone will be able to picture the flavour references we see accompanying the product (chocolate, caramel… to name a few). The top colour is always the main tone, while the bottom one forms the undertone or aftertaste. Also see the corresponding image on this page for a visualisation.

Our chocolates

Evermore sells only single origin chocolate. No blends, just one bean variety so that you can properly taste the delicate flavour of that harvest. Often, the entire bar is produced in the country of origin. But we also sell chocolates from small Dutch (Mesjokke) and Belgian (Coup de Chocolat) producers. All bars are of super quality and prepared in the traditional way. This means that each chocolate (bar) has conched (mixed using a special mixing machine) longer than usual and is therefore fuller in flavour. Almost all our brands have organic certification.

Bicycle transport

Drawing Β© Shift+p

Every week, we deliver our products by bike in Rotterdam Centre-West. Now that’s some personal service! We also think this is a good step towards sustainable logistics in the city. Outside Rotterdam, we ship with PostNL.