Hario Filter In Coffee Bottle – 650 ml


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Hario Filter in a Coffee Bottle: “Wine!? No…, it’s coffee!”

In addition to the Hario Filter in Bottle, you can now brew iced coffee with a Hario Filter in Coffee Bottle! By simply adding ground coffee to cold water, you can make cold brewed filter coffee. Put the coffee in the filter and attach it to the silicone cap of this ‘wine bottle’. The extraction time is about 8 hours. Serve chilled. On the rocks or with whipped cold milk as an iced cappuccino.

  • Suitable for cold brews: cold brewing of coffee.
  • Made & designed in Japan
  • Available in dark brown
  • Material: Heat-resistant glass, neck and cap: silicone, filter: polypropylene
  • Capacity: 650 ml brewed coffee
  • Height: 30 cm
  • Diameter: 8,4 cm

How do you brew cold brewed coffee in a Hario Filter in Coffee Bottle?


About Hario

The translation of Hario is ‘the king of glass’. Founded in 1921, the brand has been making products with the highest quality glass, ceramic and metal that are meant to last a lifetime. The production process takes place in Japan under carefully controlled conditions.