KAFFEEFORM. Weducer Cap - completely seal your coffee ground cup


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The Kaffeeform Weducer Cap seals your Weducer Cup completely and makes it easy to take your Weducer cup everywhere and anywhere: a versatile Cup for coffee, beverages and snacks. The twist lock opens and closes easily and a silicon ring prevents leaks and drips. Every cap is unique. The eye-catching cap has a marbled, woody look and carries a slight scent of coffee. Cap your Cup!

Diameter: Ø 9 cm

The advantages of a Kaffeeform cap

✔️ dishwasher safe

✔️ unbreakable to a height of at least 1,5 meters

✔️ 100% plant-based

✔️ does not contain plasticizers / BPA, melamine resins or formaldehyde

✔️ made from recycled materials

About Kaffeeform

Kaffeeform is a social enterprise from Berlin. They aim to promote reuse with their sustainable, exquisitely designed products. A collective of bicycle messengers picks up used coffee grounds from cafes and coffee roasters in Berlin and brings it to the sheltered workshop. There, the coffee grounds are dried and stored. In kleine fabrieken in Duitsland wordt het materiaal vervolgens in elkaar gezet en tot bekers en caps gevormd. Back to the sheltered workplace in Berlin! The cups are finished, packaged and shipped to cafes, shops and customers.

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