Kinto UNITEA Willow Tray Anti-Slip 265x215mm


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UNITEA trays from Japan’s Kinto are made of thin laminated willow and coated with an invisible non-slip coating. Serve your tea or coffee in style with an UNITEA tray.

Dimensions: 26.5 x 21.5 cm.

The advantages of a Kinto UNITEA Tray

✔️ non-slip (urethane coating)

✔️ each tray is unique

✔️ handmade

✔️ made of thin laminated willow wood

About Kinto

Kinto was founded in 1972, starting then as a wholesale tableware dealer in Shiga, Japan. Soon Kinto developed its own product line, ranging from crockery, drinkware to interior accessories made of natural materials. Their purpose is to inspire and satisfy with every touch and use. Kinto products have been exported worldwide since 2010.

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