Spare parts Zero Japan



The practical lids and tea strainers that come with every Zero Japan teapot are almost unbreakable. But sometimes you lose them, they get dirty or they no longer fit properly. Individual parts for any size teapot can be reordered here. Using the numbers from the image, find the right size for your teapot:

  • #1 strainer: all 580 ml (BBN03) teapots and larger sizes
  • #2 strainer: all 450 ml (BBN02) teapots
  • #4 strainer: all 330 ml (BBN01) teapots
  • #6 lid: all 330 ml (BBN01) teapots
  • #7 lid: all 450ml (BBN02), 580ml (BBN03) teapots and larger sizes

What size teapot do I have?

The images below show the most common sizes of Zero Japan teapots. Each teapot also has its own product code starting with BBN.



#1 (geschikt voor 580 cl en groter), #2 (geschikt voor 450 cl), #3 (geschikt voor 330 cl (de kleinste maat theepot)), #6 (deksel van kleinste maat theepot (330cl)), #7 (deksel voor iedere maat (behalve de kleinste maat theepot 330cl))