Porlex Mini Coffee Grinder Version II (20 g)


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Porlex Mini II is a stainless steel manual coffee grinder with ceramic conical grinding discs.

With its newly designed grinding discs, the Porlex II can grind beans easier, faster and more evenly. Porlex Mini II is made & designed in Osaka, Japan. With a handy rubber band for extra grip! This Porlex is also a handy pocket size to take with you when travelling.

Ceramic grinding discs do not heat the coffee much, if at all, during grinding. When heated, coffee can already (unintentionally) change in flavour. Another advantage of a ceramic grinding wheel is that it stays sharp longer than a steel grinding wheel. Ceramic discs do not rust and last for years. The discs are easy to adjust to grinding position. From coarse (Cafetière) to very fine (Turkish).


Why is the Porlex II better than the Porlex I?

This new grinder is made of higher-quality material that improves its precision and durability. Compared to the Porlex I, this grinder can grind about 1.3 times more coffee with the same number of rotations!

Thanks to the new adjusting nut, the grinding degree can also be set more easily and much more precisely. Each click changes the size of the ground coffee by 37 microns instead of 80.



  • Grinding modes: From Turkish grind (very fine) to Cafetière
  • Material: stainless steel, porcelain, rubber
  • Adjusting nut: Yes
  • Capacity: 20g, good for 3 cups
  • Height: 13cm
  • Diameter: 4,7cm


Quick start guide to set up your Porlex II

You adjust the grinder by turning the locking nut at the bottom. If you want a constant grind, it is best to be systematic. So first turn the grinding discs all the way down (zero). Continue turning until you no longer hear the nut click and click so many times for the next settings:

  • 1-4: superfine, Turkish grind, espresso (workout!)
  • 5-6: fine filter
  • 7-8: medium filter
  • 9-10: coarse filter, AeroPress
  • 11-12: french press (cafetière)

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