Wilfa Svart Nymalt CGWS-130B Coffee Grinder Automatic


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Wilfa Svart Nymalt Coffee Grinder is an electric automatic coffee grinder

Deze Wilfa koffiemolen is vriendelijk geprijsd en heeft 34 verschillende maalstanden. So there is a suitable grind for every coffee drinker!

Coffee tastes best when you grind it fresh at home. The longer you wait between grinding and brewing coffee, the more aromas and flavours will dissipate. With the Wilfa Svart coffee grinder, you can grind your own coffee quickly and easily. The conical grinding system ensures the beans are ground evenly. Soon you will smell the scent of freshly ground coffee in your kitchen too!


  • 250g UV protected bean container.
  • You can store the power cable under the grinder
  • Timer function. You can set the coffee grinder to 5 seconds, for example
  • 34 different grinding modes, from fine to coarse. You can adjust the grinding settings very precisely, allowing you to grind coffee in the right way for every brewing method.
  • 5-year warranty for home use
  • Zegel van goedkeuring van het Europees Brouwcentrum

All specifications are in the user manual.


Dimensions 17 × 285 × 13 cm

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