Zero Japan Teapot MI Mineral



Ideal Japanese teapot, practical to use

Zero Japan stoneware teapots keep tea hot for a long time and are non-porous. The teapots have an unbreakable lid and do not leak thanks to the sophisticated shape of the spout.

  • Includes unbreakable stainless steel lid and tea strainer
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Inhoud: 450 ml, approx. 3 cups – 580 ml, approx. 4 cups – 1300 ml, approx. 9 cups
  • Colour: shiny mineral, light yellow-green
  • Material: stoneware, Japanese glazed
  • Made in Japan


About Zero Japan

Zero Japan’s teapots are handmade in Japan according to ancient traditions. The family business consists of 10 craftsmen who are fully dedicated to making high-temperature fired stoneware (vitrified clay) ceramics. The company is famous for its uniform glazes without blemishes in almost every color of the rainbow.