Fellow Prismo Valve for AeroPress


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Superpowers for your AeroPress

Prismo is a pressurised valve designed as an extension to the AeroPress® Coffee Maker. This accessory allows you to build up pressure to make an espresso with an AeroPress. The valve also ensures that your coffee maker does not drip.

The reusable 70 micron stainless steel filter stops virtually any grind and makes paper filters unnecessary. Moreover, filter and valve are easy to clean.

With this add-on, you can make a perfect cup of espresso – with crema – just at home! Simple, quick and cheap. You no longer need expensive energy-guzzling espresso machines. Just your own superpowers 😉

About Fellow

Since 2013, Fellow has been designing products that make it easy to make a better cup of coffee or tea at home. Fellow won several prestigious awards with their products, including the Red Dot Design Award, an international prize for product designers. The San Francisco-based company is further known for the Fellow Stagg EKG – Electric Pour-Over Kettle.


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