Heinde & Verre 71% Pearl of Ecuador 70g


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This Nacional Arriba cacao variety hails from Hacienda Victoria Estate in Ecuador, and is the highest ASSPS quality cacao grade in the country. This means the fermented cacao beans were specially sorted by the farmers for top quality and perfection.

Flavour: Chocolate brownie cake, coffee, soft white fruit, honey, nougat, and floral fragrance in the mouth.

Rotterdam chocolate from Heinde & Verre

Rotterdam-North makes Heinde & Verre grand cru chocolates with custom-made machines. Evermore sells a single origin 71% bar from the white Porcelana cocoa bean and a single origin 71% bar ‘Noble Bali’. Each chocolate bar ‘matures’ for at least three months.

Heinde & Verre makes the chocolate ‘from the cocoa bean’ all by itself. Those beans are also partly imported by themselves, such as the beans for the ‘Noble Bali’ bar. There are still only a few chocolate makers in the Netherlands who make chocolate completely from bean to bar themselves. This is called bean to bar chocolate

Weight: 2 x 35 grams



Cacao (beans and butter) 71%, Dutch beet sugar. Store in a cool, dark and dry place.

Origin of beans

Hacienda Victoria Estate, Ecuador

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