Kuná Napo Amazonas 71% BIO 60g


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Single origin chocolate with from the Amazon region in Ecuador, 60 grams

This bar is made from the Nacional cocoa variety and local varieties grown by Kichwa families around Sumaco’s bioreserve. When you choose this bar, you help them maintain the delicate balance between nature and farming culture.

Ingredients: Cocoa* (71%), primal sugar* (‘panela’). (*) From organic origin. EC-BIO-141.

  • Made from bean to bar in Ecuador.
  • With each bar, you will receive information about the production. That’s how you know who made your chocolate.
  • The packaging is made from residual sugar cane waste


Kuná Cocoa beans | Evermore

The green cocoa bean is not yet ripe, 6 months later you have a ripe cocoa bean that is dark orange in colour.

About Kuná

Out of nowhere, Kuná won the top prize at El Salon del Cacao y chocolate Ecuatoriano in Guayaquil (Ecuador) in 2012. This earned the company the designation of ‘Ecuador’s best chocolate’. Not only is the taste of the chocolates unique, so is the making process where social commitment and organic standards are paramount.

Founder Luis Manuel Leon was at Evermore in early 2020 to present the chocolate varieties from his homeland. He also brought cocoa beans and we tasted the difference in origin and production within Ecuador. The country has many different climates, and you can taste that in the chocolate bar.

The beans we were allowed to hold were an unripe one (the green one) that became a full-grown orange ‘pod’ about 6 months later. You can make about 2.5 chocolate bars from that, depending on the cocoa percentage. So that means these beans are in demand. Theft is increasingly common.