Matcha BIO * up to *****


Matcha – Japanese powdered green tea.

This is an organic Matcha from Uji, Japan’s oldest tea region, famous for matcha and gyokuro. Matcha is ground green tea of the finest variety, harvested only once a year. The tea plant is covered before the growth of new leaves, so that the plant develops an extra amount of chlorophyll.

Matcha is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants.


  • Matcha 1-star quality (*) for cooking and baking;
  • Matcha 3-star quality (***) for drinking;
  • Matcha 5-star quality (*****) for a Japanese tea ceremony.



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The Japanese tea ceremony involves all kinds of accessories, such as a Chawan – an earthenware bowl to whisk the Macha in, a Chasen – a bamboo whisk and a Chasaku, a measuring spoon for Matcha. A Chasen-oki, a porcelain holder on which you place the Chasen to dry, is also not missing from a Japanese tea ceremony. You can also order the full Matcha set.