Milk Oolong Alishan High Mountain Handpicked Single-Estate 30g


A creamy, buttery oolong from the Jin Xuan #12 cultivar

Recently, Chau-Jean was at Evermore to sample new teas from her family and friends from Taiwan. We sell from her selection a Milk Oolong with a creamy, buttery flavour, which was produced by her friends. Hand-picked and single-estate in Alishan, one of Taiwan’s highest mountains.

The oolong gets its milky flavour from the Jin Xuan #12 variety of tea plant and, of course, from the processing techniques used by the tea master. In the process, who never adds other ingredients.

This tea is produced to organic standards, but not certified.

30 gram

Brewing instructions

Water temperature 95ºC

3 grams of tea per 300 ml

Steeping time 2 – 4 min.

At least 4 infusions possible



Alishan, Taiwan