Vietnam Dragon Wings Green Wild Tea Bush 50g



Vietnam Dragon Wings Green Wild Tea Bush is a green tea from northern Vietnam from wild tea plants called “Duoi Rong,” a rare variety that has not yet been identified. The brewed tea tastes like white grapes and cucumber, with a scent of fresh-cut cucumber and lychee.

Wild Duoi Rong tea plants are a natural cross between Camellia Sinensis (tea plant) and fruit trees in the forest of northern Vietnam.

Traditionally, the local community from Hà Giang picks only the buds of this original tea plant to produce the white dragon shell tea. But in the spring of 2020, during a visit to the production area, our supplier Vân suggested to Mr. Mềnh that we try to make a green tea from the crop. It yielded a surprising result: the Dragon Wings Green Tea from Hà Giang!

The purple color of tea leaves is made by anthocyanin pigments (also found in plants such as blueberry, blackberry, cherry, grape and plum). It is the result of unfavorable growing conditions at high altitude.

  • Flavor: cucumber, white grape, roses, Turkish fruit. Later infusions give a hay-like flavor.
  • Aroma: cucumber, lychee
  • Origin: Hà Giang, Vietnam
  • Quality: 1 bud and two young leaves from Duoi Rong tea bushes
  • Weight: 50 gram

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