Naive Molecules 75% Bioactive Purple Chocolate BIO 57g


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Sugar-free chocolate with bioactive ingredients that keep your endorphins up

Naive Molecules 75% is a bioactive dark chocolate. Working with scientists, the makers of Naive developed a molecular chocolate that retains the rich amounts of endorphins, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins naturally found in fresh cocoa. This bar is sugar-free.

More than three hundred phytochemicals (chemicals from plants) are found in fresh cocoa beans. Fresh cocoa beans contain almost four times more antioxidants than common dark chocolate. Naive has developed a method to preserve these substances.

The cocoa beans Naive uses come from Chuncho in Peru. The sweetener erythritol is a natural sweetener found in fruits but also mushrooms. It has the power of 70% of sugar. When eating, a somewhat cooling effect is observed. Erythritol is not absorbed by the body.

Ingredients: molecules of cocoa* >75%), erythritol*, cocoa butter*
* = BIO

Weight: 57 gram

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