Vietnam Smoked Dark Tea (Pu-Erh) in Bamboo 200g


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This grand cru Pu-Erh is a traditional storage method for fermented tea (dark tea) from northern Vietnam. Hà Giang is near Yunnan, where most fermented teas come from.

This is a traditional way of storing winter supplies for Dao and H’Mong residents of Hà Giang. Due to fermentation, the tea has no expiration date. Fermentation occurs through the action of bacteria and yeasts on tea leaves. The older the tea is, the more microorganisms have developed. So the tea continues to mature slowly in the bamboo tube.

  • Taste: caramel, leathery, mild smoke flavor
  • Origin: Cao Bo Organic Tea, Vi Xuyen District, Hà Giang, Vietnam
  • Altitude: from 1200 meters above sea level
  • Weight: 200 gram
Cao Bo tea maker in Hà Giang, Vietnam

Cao Bo tea maker in Hà Giang, Vietnam