High Grade King of Pu Erh (Shou) 100g


High quality loose Pu-Erh, pre-matured

Tea production has been taking place in Yunnan for more than 1,700 years. The tea plant is thought to have originated in this province. Shrubs in Yunnan produce full buds and shoots and thick, soft leaves. This tea comes from the area around the city of Pu’Er, hence the name.

Pu-Erh tea has a unique production process in which the tea leaves are dried and rolled, then undergo secondary microbial fermentation and oxidation. This particular processing distinguishes Pu-Erh from black tea, which is why we classify it as “dark (fermented)”. The tea is usually pressed in various forms (in disks, “cakes”). The gradual fermentation and ripening process continues if you store the tea properly.

This King of Pu-Erh has been left in loose leaf form, allowing it to mature much faster, making it much milder than a compressed Pu-Erh of a similar age. It is a high quality loose Pu-Erh and therefore deserves the “King” title. This King of Pu-Erh is classified as a “ripe pu-erh” or “Shóu Cha” (熟茶), meaning it has undergone accelerated fermentation to accelerate the aging process and improve its flavor.

  • Flavour: Complex, woody flavor. Oak and walnut with a slight hint of eucalyptus. Slightly astringent.
  • Origin: Yunnan, Lincang, Cangyuan, China
  • Harvest: April – September
  • Fermentation Period: 50 – 60 days
  • Altitude: 1300 – 1800m above sea level
  • Weight: 100 grams

Steep time: 2-4 min. – water temperature: 95ºC – 2,5 g per 250 ml

Can be re-poured more often.

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