Zero Japan Chawan ~ Matchabowl HMG Handmade Grey


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Traditional matcha bowl (chawan, 茶碗) for preparing Japanese matcha tea. This chawan is made of high-quality stoneware glazed according to a Japanese method (the bottom is not glazed). The image clearly shows that this matcha bowl is handcrafted and glazed. Capacity 300ml

The matcha bowls are made in a mould, then finished and glazed by hand. Each bowl is slightly different because the processing on the outside is done by hand. Casting into the mould is also done manually.

How it’s done: liquid clay is poured into a mould. When this has hardened enough to correct thickness, the last liquid clay is poured out. The plaster mould is taken off and the bowl goes on a turntable. While rotating, the bowl is worked on. It then has to dry further and is then baked. After baking, the glaze comes on top: the bowl is dipped in a thick glaze by hand. The foot is kept free. The glazed bowl is then baked one more time.


Dimensions 112 × 58 cm