Zero Japan Theepots

Zero Japan developed the ideal Japanese teapot: aesthetic, yet sturdy and practical to use

Each Zero Japan teapot is handmade by the family-owned company of the same name. The 580ml and 350ml models are known for their distinctive egg shape. The teapots are made of stoneware, which is sturdier than porcelain, and are hand-glazed. The glaze distinguishes the teapots from imitation models: only one family member has mastered the knowledge and skill to glaze the teapots without blemishes. In 2014, tea master Eline visited the factory where more than two hundred thousand teapots a year are produced by 10 employees. The oldest worker checks the teapots and polishes their bottoms so they stand straight.

Zero Japan’s stoneware teapots are made exclusively in Japan. We sell the following models:

1350 ml – 1000 ml – 800 ml – 580 ml – 450 ml – 350 ml

Individual parts, such as sieves or lids, can also be reordered.

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