Golden Yunnan Yunkang #10 50g


Superior sweet smoky black tea with lots of ‘golden tips’

This Golden Yunnan is a black tea with 1 leaf and 1 bud (1 芽 1 叶 红茶) of the a Yunkang #10 variety. The leaves were picked at 1,300 metres altitude on the southern slope of Ma Wei Mountain (just west of Pu’Er City). Processing is typical for black tea due to initial oxidation in the sun, rolling, oxidation (about 3 hours) and finally drying.

The leaves are from the Yunkang #10 cultivar. Tea plants of this variety (camellia sinensis var. assamica) have been found to contain a lot less caffeine in the bud and first leaves than Camellia sinensis var. sinensis ‘Shuchazao’, another common variety.

  • Flavour: Cocoa nibs, caramel, malty. Turns golden/blonde in the cup.
  • Direct trade from China!
  • Harvest ‘spring flush’
  • Cultivar: Yunkang #10
  • Origin: Zuxiang Organic Tea, Zhengwan Village, Simao, Puer, Yunnan, China
  • Weight: 50 gram

Steep time: 2-4 min. – water temperature: 95ºC – 1 teaspoon per cup

Can be re-poured more often. Gong-fu style: 6 to 8 steeps possible.

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Zuxiang Tea Estate

About tea from Yunnan

Tea production has been taking place in Yunnan for more than 1,700 years. The tea plant is thought to have originated in this province. Shrubs in Yunnan produce full buds and shoots and thick, soft leaves.

This type of tea is also called ‘hongcha’ (literally: ‘red tea’) in Chinese. It is ‘golden’ (due to the light ‘tips’) and turns gold in the cup.