Kamairicha by Master Aikawa 50g


Stir-roasted green tea from Ureshino

This unique tea is prepared according to an age-old tradition. The preparation method was introduced to Japan by Chinese some 500 years ago. Today, this tea variety is only made in Ureshino.

Kamairicha means stirred or kettle-roasted tea. To prevent the tea from oxidising (turning brown), it is not steamed immediately after picking, as is common in Japan. Instead, the fresh leaves are heated in a steel pan (which can get up to 300ºC) and stirred constantly. It is truly handcrafted. Master Aikawa still does labour-intensive and time-consuming process himself.

Roasting gives the tea a specific flavour and strong aroma. You could also call Kamairicha the espresso of Japanese teas.

  • Flavour: full-bodied, powerful yet subtle.
  • Origin: Ureshino, Japan
  • Weight: 50 gram

Steep time: 2 min. – water temperature: 70ºC – 1 full teaspoon per cup

Multiple steepings possible.