Vietnam Shan Hà Giang Green Tea Leaves 50g



Shan Ha Giang Green is a rare traditional green tea of which only 30 kg were picked in the first week of spring (2020). The tea is made from the oldest Shan tea trees in Ha Giang in northern Vietnam. The brewed tea tastes of honey and dried mulberries, with a scent of young wheat.

Every year our importer Vân returns to Vietnam to visit the production area, to help make special batches of tea and to improve its quality. And this spring of 2020, she especially spent a lot of time with producer Mềnh to directly select this exceptional batch of tea.

The unforgettable aftertaste gives this rare tea a fresh spring breeze. Delicate as a flower with a sweet fragrance with lots of freshness. Feel the succulent taste of spring leaves with the morning dew drops and light showers. A true delight!

  • Flavor: gooseberries, honey, wheat, dried mulberries
  • Origin: Hà Giang, Vietnam
  • Quality: young leaves and buds from the oldest Shan tea trees in Hà Giang
  • Production technique: special recipe with roasting techniques at the lowest possible temperature to keep the leaves fresh.
  • Weight: 50 gram
A tea tree forest in Ha Giang

A tea-tree forest in Ha Giang

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