Hario Cold Brew Tea Filter In Bottle – 750 ml


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Hario Filter in Bottle: “Wine!? No…, it’s tea!”

Fancy a summer iced tea, but sugar-free? Then brew cold brew tea in this beautiful bottle from Hario. You put a tablespoon of loose tea in this bottle – by Japanese design – and after a night in the refrigerator you have a delicious refreshing tea! You can pour it straight from the bottle. The polypropylene filter stops the leaves. Tip: serve the tea in a wine glass for an extra festive atmosphere.

  • Winner zilver international design excellence awards 2013
  • Suitable for cold brews: cold brewing tea or coffee.
  • Made & designed in Japan
  • Available in red, green, white and black.
  • Material: Heat-resistant glass, neck and cap: silicone, filter: polypropylene
  • Contents: 750 ml
  • Height: 30 cm
  • Diameter: 8,4 cm


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