Hario V60 double mesh metal dripper


Two-layer fine-mesh stainless steel filter for extra-full-bodied aromatic filter coffee

When you think of filter coffee, we can no longer ignore the iconic Hario V60 series. This Japanese gadget makes it easy to make the tastiest filter coffee thanks to its conical filters, which ensure full extraction.

Hario Double Mesh Drip Filter 02 | Evermore

Handy! The amount required for each cup of coffee is already engraved in the filter.

This is an all-stainless steel version of the V60 classic. Thanks to this model, you no longer need paper filters and are guaranteed a unique extra-full flavour experience! The double-walled perforated filters hold back coffee grounds, while the oils from the coffee drip down through the outside. This gives the coffee a wonderfully deep flavour.

Ideal for travelling: the filter is extra light, practically unbreakable and you can safely leave the paper filters at home.

  • Material: stainless steel
  • Made & designed in: Japan

About Hario

The translation of Hario is ‘the king of glass’. Founded in 1921, the brand has been making products with the highest quality glass, ceramic and metal that are meant to last a lifetime. The production process takes place in Japan under carefully controlled conditions.