Heinde & Verre 100% Pearl of Ecuador 70g


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Discover Arriba Nacional cacao beans from Hacienda Victoria Estate in Ecuador in its purest form: without any additives. The chocolate acquires its smooth and creamy character by grinding and aerating the cacao for 85 hours.

Flavour: Brownie, walnut, herbs, coffee, white fruit

Rotterdam chocolate from Heinde & Verre

In Rotterdam-North, Heinde & Verre makes grand cru chocolates with custom-made machines. Each chocolate bar ‘matures’ for at least three months. A part of each batch is kept in the ‘chocolate library’. Chocolate is a fermentation product, so it keeps maturing, just like cheese.

Heinde & Verre makes the chocolate ‘from the cocoa bean’ all by itself. There are still only a few chocolate makers in the Netherlands who make chocolate completely from bean to bar themselves. This is called bean to bar chocolate

Weight: 2 x 35 grams

Produced according to organic standards (not certified).



Cacao (beans and butter) 100%. Store in a cool, dark and dry place.

Origin of beans:

Hacienda Victoria Estate, Ecuador

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