Kacau 74% with Brazil nuts, pineapple and chilli 70g


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Chunks of Brazil nuts, pineapple and chilli pepper give this dark chocolate from Ecuador’s Kacau an unforgettable flavour. Sweet, nutty and spicy at the same time, wow!

  • Ingredients: Cocoa mass, cane sugar, dried pineapple (12.24%), Brazilian Brazil nuts(12.24%), chilli flakes (0.41%)
  • Weight: 70 gram


About Kacau

Kacau makes chocolate bars from bean to bar in Ecuador. Using one of Ecuador’s most famous and flavourful cocoa beans, the arriba cocoa bean, Juan Espinosa and Julio Avendaño developed organoleptic flavour experiences. Eye, mouth and nose, all the senses are tickled.

All Kacau bars contain exactly 74% arriba cocoa combined with a rich blend of spices, fruits and nuts. The cocoa comes from the Fortaleza del Valle cooperative (Manabi, Ecuador).