Kukicha ‘Otsuka’ 50g


Green tea from the stalks of the tea leaves

Kukicha, also known as Bocha, is made from the stalks of the tea leaf that are removed from the Sencha during the production process. So it is a kind of “twig tea”, made from the twigs and veins of the tea leaf. Kukicha is lighter than Sencha and, besides being famous among connoisseurs, is also suitable for all green tea drinkers because of its deliciously sweet flavour.

Kukicha is refreshing and perfect as an afternoon pick-me-up. That way you can go on for a while! This tea seems to give a kind of kick like coffee can.

This Kukicha comes from producer Otsuka, which has won several tea awards in Japan.

Kukicha is a light green tea with a typical grassy flavour. It only needs to infuse for one minute and can be re-poured several times with slightly hotter water. The tea is also full of vitamins and minerals.

  • Flavour: Light, mild, fresh green and sweet, due to the amino acids this tea contains. Sweet green vegetables like broccoli and sugar snaps, slightly salty finish like seaweed. Pairs well with fish dishes or sushi.
  • Picking: first flush (spring)
  • Origin: Otsuka, Kakegawa, Schizuoka, Japan
  • Weight: 50 grams, vacuum-packed at the Otsuka family’s factory.

steeping time: 1 min. – water temperature: 80ºC – 1 teaspoon per cup

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Kukicha tea Kukicha cup