Vietnam Black Grand Cru Ho Thau 50g



Vietnam Black Grand Cru Ho Thau is a refined black tea from the village of Ho Thau in Vietnam’s northern region of Hà Giang. The tea is made from young leaves of wild Shan tea trees of the indigenous Shan Tuyet (“Shan Snow”) cultivar. The brewed tea tastes full-sweet like honey and chocolate.

Shan trees are ancient tea trees scattered in the most remote mountain areas of northern Vietnam. Only pickers from the Dzao and Hmong ethnic groups know how to find these types of tea trees. The secret method of roasting and incomplete oxidation gives this black tea both a full body and a refined flavour.

This artisanal method, the rarity of the old trees and the special and harsh climatic conditions in Ho Thau (cold and very humid) give this Grand Cru tea a more than special flavour, a flavour you must taste at least once in your life.

  • Flavour: chocolate, honey, apricots
  • Place of origin: Ho Thau Village, Hà Giang, Vietnam
  • Altitude: from 1200m.
  • Quality: one leaf and one bud from the oldest Shan tea trees in Hà Giang
  • Production technique: secret recipe with special roasting and oxidation techniques
  • Weight: 50 gram
A tea tree forest in Ha Giang

A tea-tree forest in Ha Giang

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