Charlie – Coup de Chocolat – 72% Colombia 45g


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Charlie is a creamy yet fresh-sweet 72% chocolate bar made by Coup De Chocolat in Antwerp. This batch of cocoa beans was harvested in Tumaco in Colombia, where Colombia, Ecuador and the Pacific Ocean meet. The only addition is cane sugar.

45 gram

  • carbon-free cacao
  • transported by sailing ship (the Tres Hombres) from Colombia
  • multinational-free chocolate
  • Flavour: sweet grapes, cream, almonds, vanilla
  • Ingredients: Cocoa beans from Tumaco, Colombia (72%), Cane sugar (28%).
  • Origin: Tumaco, Colombia. Produced in Belgium.

About Coup De Chocolat

In the world’s smallest chocolate factory (12 square metres) in Antwerp, Tom and Isabelle make single origin chocolates in a mini-production run. By buying Coup De Chocolat chocolate, you are choosing cocoa from sustainable farming methods, paid 4 times more than usual. The chocolate comes from native, ancient cocoa varieties and is transported directly to Coup De Chocolat by sailing ship, with no middlemen. The Tres Hombres docks in the port of Amsterdam every year, Tom and Isabelle then cycle the cocoa beans to Antwerp themselves. Carbon-free cacao!

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